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In today's global markets an international approach to intellectual property rights is essential. Responding to this trend, the Intellectual Property Group created the 'i-CAP' group of companies, an international group of companies dedicated to be a global partner in IP matters. 'i-CAP' stands for Intellectual Capital, the generic term for intangible assets, such as intellectual property rights, know-how, software solutions, but also image rights.

Our i-CAP companies are located in strategic jurisdictions such as Ireland and The Netherlands, each focusing on specific industries through expert divisions, including fashion, sports, software solutions, media and entertainment. Each i-CAP company provides the expertise and specialized services to capitalize on the commercial potential of IP rights, and to protect and structure the income of our clients in the most cost effective and efficient way.

In particular, i-CAP engages in IP Portfolio Management, which includes:

IP Audit

It is important for a company to have an overview of the IP rights that are registered and still to be registered. This is particularly important if, as is often the case, they are not centrally managed but spread throughout the company without a central overview of its trademarks, patents, license agreements, domain names and know how. What about similar trademarks belonging to third parties? Are the rights registered in the name of the appropriate holder? Are all other IP rights properly protected?


Registration is the basis for the protection of IP rights. We have expertise on registration procedures in Europe and abroad. In addition, to assist our clients in managing their IP portfolio efficiently, an online client portal has been established in which clients have web-enabled access to the current status of any ongoing matters, expirations, renewals etc. of their IP portfolio.

Management license portfolio

Monitor licensee contract compliance and performance in the broadest sense.

Tax Strategy

Because intellectual property is so much a part of global business no company can afford to ignore the fiscal responsibility these assets impose. By combining marketing, legal and tax strategies effectively, businesses will be able to improve results while achieving their IP objectives. Taxation is a key driver in transactions involving intangible assets and, while there are certain pitfalls to be avoided, there are also many opportunities for groups to enhance their cash flow and maximise the financial return on intellectual property. Careful structuring is therefore extremely important. Our i-CAP companies are ideally placed to provide IP portfolio management, and to accommodate international licensing structures.